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I was wandering if there is anyway you could create a payment received receipt with MYOB live? I can create an invoice but it doesn't say Amount Paid when printed.

Current Status: Coming Soon
Last Changed: November 2017

Hi, the ability to email out a receipt when you enter a payment against an invoice is coming! The aim is to have this in your hands in the coming weeks.

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We are often asked by our clients to provide GST receipts for purchases made but there is no way to generate a receipt from an invoice in MYOB Essentials, or am i missing something? At the moment I am generating them in word!

Any help would be appreciated.





Ultimate Partner Geoff_
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Hi Maarty


Like you I can't see a receipt function in MYOB Essentials. I agree this function should be in the program.


Just a thought if it were me I would print the Paid Invoice out and get myself a rubber stamp with the word receipt on it.


However for the amount you pay MYOB each month I should think a basic function such as "Receipt" would be included in the program, after all how many of our clients need receipts?

If I pay someone money I expect a receipt for it.

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It really is ridiculous that a receipt function was never built in. Come on MYOB - people want confirmation that they have sent a business money!!!!!!


I'm looking to change accounts software from MYOB to something else come next financial year...

Community Manager Suja_P
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Hi @Col12345, thank you for your feedback. We're sorry for the inconvenience caused by the delay in implementing the ability to print receipts in MYOB Essentials.  Your feedback has been passed on to our product development team. We hope to have this introduced in a later update. 

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Oookayyyy... so this is a feature that takes MYOB years to design, develop, test, and deliver!


When it comes, it will be the best receipting function ever seen by humankind. :-p




MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @codex_cyd

Thank you for your feedback in regards to this idea, I have shared it with the team.

Along with commenting for an idea on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange you can vote for an idea. To vote for an idea select the + VOTE button to the left of the idea's name.

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Receipts are an essential part of Accounts Payable, I am surprised this is not already a function on MYOB Esstentials.

This function would be a big asset.

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Please consider printing RECEIPTS, a  very essential fetaure of  MYOB ESSENTIALS.  

Customers  pay for a service and want to take the receitp with them or receive it via e-mail.


It is very embarrassing to have to tell customers that the MYOB SW does not allow the users to print  customers RECEIPTS.


MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @hrn


Thank you for sharing your feedback and voting for this idea.I've shared your comments with the team.

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Hi there,


Yet another vote for a print receipts function in MYOB Essentials for charities and not-for-profits who use the software to manage donations received.


For charities and not-for-profits who rely 100% on donations it does not make sense to have to subscribe to another piece of software just to issue donor receipts if the MYOB accounting package cannot. 

Why should charities have to pay for 2 lots of subscription fees for 1 simple task of receiving money and issuing receipts to its donors?