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Custom Invoice fields




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Would be really great to be able to add notes to an invoice like a provider number, license number etc...

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: August 2013

Thanks for the idea. I understand having more fields to enter data would help to automatically display important information on your invoices. We encourage other users who would like the ability to have additional fields to vote and add further comments.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @sammy007 

Thank you for feedback in regards to this idea.

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I understand the templates need to be rigid, but has anyone thought of the ability to add a user-defined field to Essentials invoices (eg. service address)  that can be displayed when the invoice list produces?

Contributing Cover User sutha
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Contributing Cover User

Yes!  This would greatly assist our business too.

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Service address field and/or customisable user defined fields that appear on the invoice and in the subject line of the attached email and is visible in the invoice listing so that you can identify the various properties, not just the agent that was billed.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @Paul_MMG


Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials.

I've merged your idea with this idea already included on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange.

Super Partner Julia_Berkhout
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Yes agree that a provider number or industry license number field would be very handy also being able to add extra logo's to go along with this I am sure the tradies would like their customers to know they are licensed with painters board, electricians, plumbers etc, not to mention us licensed BAS agents and Myob Partners.

Also a date of service would be handy too,

Thanks in advance