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Email: Change of default email message

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Hello Smiley Happy I'd love to be able to change the default email message on the MYOBLIVE invoices emailed to customers. At the moment I have to change each one individually.  Currently it reads (and I think it reads rather terse and impersonal):

To ******,

Invoice IV00000049 for $113.85 is attached.
Payment for this invoice is due by 24/12/2013.

Nicole Begg
Phone: 03 *** ****
Email: nicole@***********


Thanks for your consideration!


"MYOB LIVE email message to invoiced customers"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: November 2014

Thanks again for all your feedback, it's been greatly appreciated. You can now send a personalised message to your customers with your invoices. We hope this is a welcome addition to Essentials functionality for your business.

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Thank you for your post. I understand that you would like to be able to change / setup a default message for emails sent from LiveAccounts. Certainly something that our developers may consider for a future update. We request others who would like this change to please vote and add your comments.
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I would like the ability to add a friendlier default message too, and also use mail merge tags like [AmountDue] and [InvoiceNumber] to list these things in the subject line of the invoice, like you can in Saasu.

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I'm also keen to see a saved email to provide, as well as the ability to add attachments, one of the main functions that sold me for this software was that I was told this had those abilities already. I do love the software but even quote or invoice I need to email I sent to myself and then provide my message as well as attached our Terms & Conditons, images of our product and our booking forms.

I would love the ability to do this all within MYOB.

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Agree with the above Idea. Would love to be able to amend the default email as it does sound quite terse and would like to add things like "like us on Facebook" or whatnot.

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This is a must , I personally think the default email invoice message is rude . 


Here 's  ya bill , now pay it by that date , that's how it comes across

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Another vote here , currently on the trial version and this is definatly one feature that would hold me back from subscribing unless its changed.

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I too would like to be able to save a personal default message that can be sent out with each invoice and change the subject line so our trading name is used instead of our company name.  I think it would also be helpful if I could type additional information, which isn't cut off after just a few lines.  This would be a great addition to MYOB.


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Agree with this. I also feel that the customer should be able to reply to the email, and it come to your email address. It doesn't make sense having it be a no reply email.


I also like the idea of being able to add extra attachements.

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Yes, totally agree,  many invoices I do a custom spiel to each customer.


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Thank you one and all for your votes and comments. 


The post has been brought to the attention of our Product Development team. We hope to see the ability to set up default comments in individual contact cards in a future update.


We appreciate your patience in the meantime. Please do post again should you have any further queries.



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