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Email: Use own email address in From




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[This message assumes a level of technical understanding of e-mail headers. So, apologies to the general reader.]


Hi everyone,


I'd like to make a very imporant, but basic, suggestion for an improvement to MYOB Essentials: the address in the "From" field of the e-mail sent to customers with an invoice attached.


It is a 'bad look' for the invoice to arrive, somewhat confusingly, with the From field thus:


    From: "My Business Name" <>


So, although my business name is there, the e-mail address is this 'black hole' address for the Essentials service! Why can't that just be my business e-mail address?


The e-mail standard actually has another field called "Sender" where the address of the actual sending service can be inserted, so if MYOB wants they can have their address there. That is what that field is for. But, seeing that they have an address that simply throws away anything sent to it, I don't they would care to do so.



There is a very important reason for my request. Upon receiving the invoice via Essentials, a customer can choose Reply in their e-mail software and respond. Although the "Reply-To" field is set to my address, I've discovered that certain Android phones ignore this! So, any of my customers responding from a badly written e-mail software will respond to the MYOB black hole address.


If they don't notice the "noreply" address (and even if they do, they must be cluey enough to figure out what that means), they will think they've e-mailed me and that I never responded.


Yes, I could state in the body of the message to reply to my address, but why have this unnecessary manual step? And that still assumes the recipient notices my request and follows it -- people usually just habitually hit the Reply button, especially if quickly responding on a smartphone or tablet.



And here is the kiler: should an auto-reply out-of-office message be set (for example, the recipient of the invoice is away on leave and the auto-reply states the colleague who is filling in), I might never know! This is because I'm now at the mercy of whether the auto-responder software sends the notice to the From address or the Reply-To address. After my experience with some smartphones, now I'm not so sure!



What do others here think?



"MYOB Essentials: Emailing invoices with *my* address in the From field"


Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: August 2014

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Hi Cyd,


What you are suggesting is how Essentials previously sent email. However Yahoo have changed their approach which broke this implementation and is driving many services to use FROM for the sender unless it goes through thier servers and REPLY-TO for the reply to address.




The solution implemented is the same as mail providers such as SendGrid


Regards Paul

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I see! What a nuisance. Yahoo! Mail is acting is if it were an internal corporate e-mail system that doesn't allow staff to send messages from outside it.


Thanks for the clarification.



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I think this also needs to be fixed. 

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Apart from the Android and 'out of office issue', it just looks unprofessional and is confusing to the recipient who has no way of knowing that the Reply to address is different to the 'noreply' From address.  Can MYOB PLEASE consider upgrading this from a 'Maybe Later' so we can all look a little more professional?

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Just a quick note that the new    myob on the go     when sending invoices emails from the address you use to log on



is it possible to review the status of this idea for essentials please

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Thank you for your comments. It is becoming more prevalent for email providers to block email sent the way we did previously (with your email address in the from field, but sent from our servers). This is because the same method is used commonly in malicious emails (phishing emails spoofed to appear to come from an organisation you trust, for instance). Because of the number of email providers blocking emails sent in this way, we won’t be reverting to the previous method of sending emails.

While it would still be possible to have the email come from your address and not be blocked if sent in other ways (using authenticated SMTP), this change would be time consuming to implement and potentially limit us in relation to some other avenues for improvement, so at this stage we don’t have any immediate plans to implement this change. However, if you would still like to have emails sent with your own address as the from address, please continue to cast your votes for this suggestion and depending on feedback it may be considered at a later date.

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No such issue with Xero, much more professional looking invoices.  This is not so much an inconvience it is essential.  Everyone will just hit reply and be directed to a black hole.


I have had multiple instances of people replying to the invoice email and we are unaware until much later.  MYOB you need a solution fast otherwise we will have to move to Xero.

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Hi @ClearShot


Thank you for your feedback based on this idea.

Currently MYOB Essentials doesn't allow the From email address to be your email address, as have been previously mentioned, to avoid email providers blocking emails sent on your behalf. Other programs on the market may have a different setup. 

Once again thank you for you feedback, I have shared it with the team.

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This is needed and the limitation mentioned above is will really only be an issue if you are trying to send an email to an internal address in which incase it is likely to be filtered.


I was amazed that this was not alreayd there - it is these little things that you find out once you use hte tool in production that are most suprising.


I did not even think to double check in trial