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Emailing Customer Receipts when Bank Rec done





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For the love of god, can we PLEASE get the ability to email a receipt to the customer once their payment has been reconciled with the bank feed? It is so frustrating, especially when you have customers who partially pay, or are paying their bill off. It becomes really hard for the customer to see what amount they paid on a particular date - and when they start to dispute (or lie!) that they've made payments, it becomes very messy to try and prove what payments they have made. 

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YES. +1.


A lot of our time is reformatting and writing our OWN payment receipts.


Printing a PDF from a web interface looks very unprofessional, with buttons 'delete', menus and even bank account details in either the Payment History or Payment information windows. We end up writing a 'letter' and emailing every time, costing lots of time.


Looking at this issue, MYOB said they would implement this feature in November 2017. It has been almost 3 years. It is now June 2020 and I would have thought this was an easy task to implement (by the way I would have thought this was not a 'feature' but an 'essential').

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Yes - The inability to create a receipt is very frustrating. Not to mention, we are supposed to provide a receipt of payment to a customer once they have paid