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Employees: Attach documents to employee record

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New Zealand

It would be great if you could attached the completed Payroll forms and other documents to Essentials.   A good example would be the completed IR330 to each employee, Kiwisaver opt out ETC.   


"Attaching other forms to Essentials - Payroll"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: July 2015

Hi @JohnTheLA


Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials and attaching document to employee records.

I would encourage other users that would like to see the option of adding files to employee records such as IR330 or KiwiSaver information (NZ) to vote and comment if required for this idea.

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Would love to be able to attach the employees manual timesheet to the pay employee window via my in-tray

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I have a client that needs to attach receipts from the In Tray to Sales invoices to be able to be reimbursed for costs incurred. From what I see this is a common requirement for contractors in the building industry and is available using other software programs.