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Expand In Tray Feature to all transaction types





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Hi MYOB Team,


I was delighted about the announcment of the new In Tray feature offered by Essentials - an extremely sensible and practical solution to storing invoices against a transaction.


However, I was disappointed when I learned that you can only do this for "Bills". I think many people would be pleased if this functionality could be expanded to include all transaction types.


For example, if I go to the petrol station and pay for petrol, I still receive a tax invoice. I would like to be able to scan this and upload it to In Tray and then link it to a "Spend Money" transaction.


I hope you will be able to accomodate this request, otherwise people will not be readily able to move away from a paper based record keeping system.


Kind regards,





Current Status: Under consideration

Last Changed: December 2014

Thanks for your excellent suggestion @Jai  I can certainly see how this feature would be useful with other documents (receipts for instance). Could anyone else who would like to see the In Tray expanded to other transaction types, please cast your vote here. Please also leave a comment explaining how you'd like to use the In Tray, and what sort of documents you'd like to scan.

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Haven't read all the comments but agree with the initial suggestion. In addition, journals should have an attachment facility. Often spreadsheets or other supporting docs are needed to support the journal tx, i.e. loan documents, etc. Should be able to attach these to the tx.

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Adding Receipts to Spend Money is a no brainer, as everyone has suggested. MYOB, why have you been ignoring this for so long???? This thread is years old!


Xero is miles ahead in it's end user functionality. And it's clear that users in this thread are leaving MYOB because of this missing feature.


Your Product Manager is not LISTENING! This feature request has 150 votes and is not being implemented nor planned.  And to PROVE that your Product Manager is not listening, click on the "In Development Tab".  All of those features in development have less than 150 votes, and even one feature only has 1 vote. (


This forum and "voting" is a waste of time and end users with a false sense that we actually have any influence on the product development roadmap.


I've worked alongside Software Product managers in charge of products that have sales in excess of $100mil. The Product Managers had never compared their products against competitors. It's all so common. They think their product is the leader. MYOB is not the Iphone - You are not the market leader in features and concepts. Look around you and compare your product to others!







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Couldn't agree more... This is a major feature that is currently missing. Without it it's a two step process (ie invoice manually added, then match to bank feed). Should be able to upload doc to bank feed transaction retrospectively. Competitors offer this feature.... When is MYOB going to offer it? 

Experienced Partner JamesSullivan
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People have been asking for this since 2014  dont hold your breath....We have stopped recommending MYOB as there is other options that are cheaper and have this feature included and also a dedicated phone app to handle this.  I am saddened by the thought having been a long time MYOB advocate but from the new financial year we will be moving all our MYOB clients onto another platform.  I know I am wasting my time posting here as obviously MYOB doesn't look at these forums but if you have shares in MYOB sell them quick.....the company is off on some weird tangent supposedly spending millions on developing and upgrading the MYOB product but it cant get these little things fixed.


Saynora MYOB  its time to part ways just dont seem to listen anymore.

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With the impending new financial year approaching wouldn't it be nice to know MYOB  had implemented the in tray feature for all transactions. 

MYOB, you are not keeping up with technological advancements in the paperless environment for business requirements.

MYOB, You snooze; you lose!

Experienced Partner JamesSullivan
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I have given up on the community forum and voting no-one appears to be listening or looking at it from MYOB developing new features that we aren't voting for and ignoring the ones that we are requesting.  I am a member of a facebook professional user group for both Xero and QBO and find it very useful ....these groups have moderators from both the Xero and QBO and problems and issues appear to be dealt with very efficiently and other professional users all seem to want o share their fixes and solutions together with general advice on how to do things.  I have created on Facebook a MYOB Professional User Group ....please look it up and joing and lets see if we can shame MYOB into doing something with the numbe of likes to improve the intray feature.   Next to come will be headers and job costing for MYOB essentials.


Community Manager Suja_P
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Hi James (@JamesSullivan),


Thank you for your recent comments on the topic. We understand and acknowledge the demand for expanding the scope of Smart Bills / In Tray to other areas of the software. As mentioned in my previous comment on this Idea, our team is currently working on enhancing this feature and working on improving the reliability of data extraction. While, expanding its scope to other areas is currently not on the immediate road map, it is certainly something that our team will consider for future work.


In the meantime, there are several add-on solutions that you and others may consider using:


SquirelStreet  (

ReceiptBank – Current in Beta (


I’d like to reassure the community that I along with my team of MYOB Moderators, our Product Developers and Marketers and our technical support staff most definitely read the posts and comments on this forum. The comments on our forum help us understand the needs of our customers and are used as one of the biggest (albeit not the only) source of candidates for the enhancements delivered in our products.


James, we do have an MYOB Partners group, MYOB Partner HQ, on Facebook, where our professional Partners collaborate and lead informative discussions on innovation, transformation and successful business tips. Being one of our partners, you’re most welcome you to join the group and share your thoughts.


Suja Pillai

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MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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I Agree. I often pay for business expeses myself and then put these against my current account. However I am unable to load the bill agains the journal entry and therefore have lots of invoices that are sitting in the in tray unable to be filed.

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be able to attach documents to sales invoices the same as purchases

Contributing Cover User s_short01
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It's a new financial year and still no solution or implemenatation of our suggestion.  

I would love to know how other businesses are dealing with this. We are looking for a quick and easy solution to store copies of invoices receipts etc prefereably online and one step.