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Export reports to excel

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Need to make all reports exportable to excel

Cant export trial balance to excel

Cant export GST reports to excel

Balance sheet exports account numbers and account description into separate columns yet P&L is concatenated - WHY?

All this makes it time consuming to prepare working papers

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Also add Suppliers bills reports - All payables reports to be exported to excel

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I would like to hear what the development on this is as well. I really need reports to be accessible in Excel. Its very time consuming reentering data into Excel.





All data reports should be accessible in Excel please.

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Hi Alan,


I've been away from this forum for a while, sorry I did not get back to you. 


With online Essential, I think you can save a copy of the data file onto your PC, like a backup. You can then load this file link on that excel software. If not, you may have to contact the developer via their live chat. Regards



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Yes MYOB please  ensure all reports are able to be sent to Excel.  Especially Sales by item detail report and Sales by customer detail report.  As a small business owner we need to use this data to interogate our numbers.  It's damaging to the MYOB brand when I have to input this data by hand into spreadsheets = as I'm not saying nice things about you. Smiley Happy

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I think being able to export the Trial Balance to excel is essential for basic bookkeeping. I see that this has been a request for some time, any reason why this hasn't happened yet?

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Is there any answer from MYOB about why such basic functionality is missing?  It's utterly ludicrous.  I'm in my 30-day trial period and I'm currently very tempted to go back to my old desktop version of MYOB because Essentials is missing so much that the older versions already have.

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PLEASE implement reporting all reports to excel ASAP, surely this a basic feature, even of an Essentials software program. Now I'm off to manually re-enter payroll data into excel so I can prepare a report that is required on a monthly basis!!

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Hi @Alijoy - to export an Essentials report (say the P&L), go to Reports \ Profit and Loss.

Next go to View As, click Export to see options to save te report in Excel or PDF format.

Under Options, you can choose Accrual mode (the traditonal way) or Cash mode (if you report your BAS by Cash).


P.S. If you have the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, there's a handy tool for it.

Adobe Export PDF allows you to export a PDF to Word of Excel format, for an annual subscription of around AUD$35.

A very handy tool, that I often use.


Kym Y, Darwin

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I find it incredible that you have reports in PDF format rather than excel. Its data that we have entered. Clearly the fields which we need are in the PDF report. Is it just laziness that they are not available in excel. One report which is essential for me is Sales by Customer report which I need to convert to a csv file. Its very easy to do from excel but difficult from PDF. The sales by customer report is excellent, and the fields are great, why have this only available in excel.  Xero has a similar report, all their reports are available in excel!! This need to be solved. I am willing to pay extra for this option.