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Exporting of Contacts from MYOB Essentials into an EXCEL spreadsheet





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With the recent update of product from LiveAccounts to Essentials I would like to suggest MYOB allows an option to export Contacts to an EXCEL spreadsheet.


Should client wish to review details of Suppliers & Customers they currently need to review individually via the product, far easier if they could export to an Excel spreadsheet and update via spreadsheet. Would also allow review of Inactive accounts then manage into Essentials.


Can this be considered in future upgrades?

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The lack MYOB Essentials, hardcoppy backup support makes it imposable to comply with good practice proceedures and "backup compliance".  Currently Myob goes down you loose access all your contact info that you cant backup.


The current Customer Report contains NAME, PHONE & EMAIL, this is just a joke.  We need all info to conform with backup proceedures.



Honestly if it comes to typing out all this info agin into Spreedsheets i will be looking for other software that does the job in the cloud with hardcopy backup ability.


IIdealy a one click complete backup option would be ideal.  

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Would definitely agree.  We are in the process of transitioning our business from a sole trader operation to a company structure - which requires two MYOB profiles.  Yet all our customers and suppliers remain the same.  Was searching online to try and figure out how to export contacts from our old MYOB profile to the new.... but clearly not an option and will all have to be done manually Smiley Sad painful.


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I use MYOB Essentials and i am looking to export my customer details so i can create a database of my customer details. 


It seems a large oversight to not allow a business owner the option to export his customer details?


How do i export details?



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Hi @Merchandisingli - run Reports - Contacts - Customers and print your report to a PDF File (using Cute PDF, pdfDocs, Acrobat or similar).


Then open your file in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Using its' Tools menu, you can convert it to Excel or Word, with their online converter (you'll need an annual subscription, which costs about $22 - but it's well worth it !).


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Doing exactly the same thing😥


I have used the app on the go to view the files on my phone while entering into essentials on my ipad......I dont have a pc



but painful.....just entering them as I need them, not in one go

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I want to put my hand up for this one.  It is Christmas time and I can't even export a customer list.  This restricts any extra contact with customers.  No contacting them for Christmas and no way of letting them know of any special offers.

I need this!

Please consider allowing Customer details to be exported to Excel

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Doing the pdf thing and exporting to excel doesn't give you all card details - address, abn etc, though

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Is this a work in progress still?
I just tried the customer report and it just brings up customer names, contact number and email address.
Not exactly completely useful, doesn't show address, ABN etc...
Why is this and will this be fixed?

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Do we know if MYOB Essentials will ever make it possible for us users to be able to export contacts into Excel file or another format, other than PDF?  Thank you

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Eporting to PDF then to excel doesn't work, it only gives the email and it doesn't break it into indivicual cells in excel.. this is a basic feature why is it not available? So many basic features missing.. I'm going to start a Xero trial this week.