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Can MYOB Essentials provide more Invoice Layout Options? For those of us who need to add quite a lot of text, for each line, the layout doesn't really work (ie. it doesn't present nicely on the print out).

Experienced Partner JB1551JB
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Some default text fields in invoices are not long enough for the text to be on one line - for example the company name is spread over 2 lines in the header field - I am suggesting that we can expand these default text fields to fit the text for smarter formatting for the client to be able to send confidently from Essentials


Partner Eva2
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I would also love to be able to add one or two fields to the head of the invoice, it would be great if there were one or two fields you could name with free content that could be added to the invoice layout. (I need this to add the contact details of another person to the invoice).

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I agree and also add text lines would help. 




Experienced Cover User MrBlob197
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Personally, I'd like to be able to remove the item codes from the invoice that the customer gets.

My customers have no need to see the code I use for an item, as it just confuses some people and makes things look untidy.


Thank you.