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Invoice Screen sorting

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On the screen that lists all of the invoices, while you can currently sort the columns, it would be great if you had the option to filter the invoices for a certain period of time (eg just list all invoices issued in a particular month, quarter or financial year). For clients that have a large number of invoices, it can get really tedious when looking for invoices, having to scroll through pages & pages of invoices. 

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I send out invoices at the end of each month, so it would be so handy to filter invoices with a specific due date.  Then I can easily see which invoices need to be sent.


It would also be useful to have a "notes" section on invoices that customers don't see.  At the moment, I use the purchase order field to note down "invoice sent" so I can easily see from the invoices list which ones have been sent. 

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This would be great, even if its only the current financial year. It would be great to get a snap shot of the years invoices without having to run a report. Its frustrating in essentials that you cannot close off previous financial years.