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I've been using MYOB Essentials for a few months & have found a few annoying 'glitches' which are impacting my experience with the product.  Here are the big ones for me at the moment:


Start Payrun - I have over 20 employees, which means a long list in the 'Select employees to pay' list.  This means that the next/prev buttons are off screen & one I get half way through the list I can't see these buttons anymore. & have to keep going to the botttom to go use them & then up to the top to enter hours etc.  Most annoying! Plus, I can't get any report out of MYOB to know when anyone's birthday is so I have to keep track of this outside of the software to know when I have to change employee rates due to a birthday.


Super calculations.  The award that some of my employees is on indicates that super must be paid on monthly earnings of $350 or more, but MYOB has this hard set to $450.  Also, it does not handle calculations correctly for anyone under 18.  Lots of manual checking for me!


Intray - this can be very inconsistent for some of my bills even though they involve the same supplier.  Any one or more of the following can be missing: supplier name, invoice number, invoice total. Overall though, I really like the intray but would like to see it extended to Spend Money transactions as well.


Sorting/Filtering - the sorting & filtering functions seem to be quite variable across the different screens.  e.g. in the Bills list, I can filter, view the bill, come back to the list & the filter will still be applied.  This doesn't happen when I go to things like Items (under Purchases).  Very frustrating to have to keep resetting the filter!  Lately, the invoice list is showing different sort orders to what it did before.  I don't know what the default order is anymore & always have to reset it everytime I go in to that screen to show the latest first.


Editing mode (new or update) on several screens behaves differently, & fonts for various items is different. It would be good if they were all consistent.  I also sometimes get asked to supply some details that are already there.  e.g. Transfer money - even though I supply the from & to accounts, I often get an error saying I still need to supply them.