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Item: Selling Price including GST




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New Zealand

Currently LiveAccounts only offers a GST exclusive Item Sell price and two decimal places for the price.


This causes issues like the following:

A $36 inc. GST price becomes 31.40. Which then means if I invoice for a couple of these, the invoice (GST inclusive) displays:

  • a unit price of $35.99  -  I want $36
  • a total of $71.99  -  this is neither the $72 figure I wanted nor 2x $35.99

Please add either a GST inclusive Item Sell price or 3 decimal places for GST ex.


Many thanks!


"Item Sell price including GST OR 3 decimal places"

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I have been looking at a feed requesting the option to enter items into the system to include the gst that goes back to 2014? Can someone please tell me has this been done? If not is it going to be an option in the future?





Contributing Cover User M_R77
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Please can we have the option to enter items including GST! After four years (since the first enquiry on this thread), it has been requested, but is still under review?


Entering items including GST would save a lot of time in the invoicing side of the business.

For example I have an item for $60 including GST.

If I enter it as an item:

$54.55 (excluding tax), it becomes $60.01

$54.54 (excluding tax), it becomes $59.99


Accounting software is meant to save time, not make it more time consuming. Please make this an option ASAP!



I believe accounting software should make our job faster to complete not longer.

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We REALLY need the option to enter a Tax Inclusive price for an Item! 

XERO can do this for long already!!!! 

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It is really annoying 

I am testing Xero using their free trial option

Cannot believe this thread is open since 2014 and MYOB is not listening

Pathetic attitude 

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Concerning to see that the request for Item Prices to have the option to include GST dates back to 2011. We had planned to subscribe to Essentials on the 1st March 2019 but this is actually a deal breaker. One simple example a product price is set at $425.00 - once we caluculate the price exc GST and invoice it, the amount becomes $425.01.


Do we have the time to jump through hoops for something so frustrating - I don't think so. Getting straight to the point MYOB - do you have any intention to resolve this and if so when ?

Experienced User LJM14
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Xero has far better features. I made the switch after MYOB showed no effort to resolve little function errors. Haven't looked back!