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Items : Ability to change the column width

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Item column too narrow. I have part numbers over 13 characters long and so on the invoice it puts it over two lines. Doesn't look right and makes it hard for my customers to read part numbers when receiving goods in.


"Change column width"

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I agree.. I have this problem too.  I use a barcode scanner and use actual barcodes as item numbers so it is quick to enter products into my sales or invoices.  Anything over 11 or 12 characters and it uses 2 lines.  As an IT person when we itemise all the parts of a new PC build often is spreads over 2 pages and just looks silly.  This is a feature that NEEDS to change or at least be customisable.  Even perhaps being able to change the font size.. I already think the font is too big for items on an invoice