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Hi I am currently using MYOB essentials and wanted to know if anyone knows of a good “Add On” that allows you to track individual job costings. Where I can basically allocate expenses and incomes to different jobs to see how much profit/loss you have made for each.
I have also been told that MYOB essentials have been working on this function. Any idea if or when this may be available?
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I am also waiting on an answer to this very question. The problem with add-on apps is the fact that they offer more than just ie. job costing. So you basically purchasing things you don’t need at an unnecessary cost when all you really want is job costing not the whole invoicing system which works perfectly fine in MYOB Essentials. Either way, job costing exist in account right so it really shouldn’t be rocket science to add this function to Essentials as the hard work has already been done by the developers. Job costing is a necessary function and should have been part of the Essentials launch. Little disappointing 😡