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Keystrokes/shortcuts to payment field when receiving a payment, can only use the mouse to click on




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How is it possible in the world of keyboard shortcuts and efficiencies, that when you try to Receive a Payment, you can't actually move into the payment amount field of the Invoice you are receving a payment for with keystrokes? You have to use the mouse! This really needs to be fixed, bad error in development...

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: February 2015

Hi @Naomi_Roskell 

Thank you for your idea in regards to MYOB Essentials and the Take Payment window.

I would encourage others that would like to see the Take Payment Window have a shortcut key to enter in the Payment Amount or that column able to be tab into vote and comment if required.

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Frustrating that you can't tab to next field on journals.  So slow having to click into the box with the mouse.

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1. PLEASE improve the TAB key effciency. It is very annyoing, not to mention slow, not being able to TAB between entry items - account code, description, amount etc. Picking up the mouse just slows everything down.


2. Also the ability to add a new account code when in the middle of doing general journal entries would be great. I've done it a couple of times now, got halfway through a general journal entry of year end adjustments and realised there was a new account to add. Once you go out of the journal screen and add the new account, you then have to restart the journal from the top. Another time waster.


3.  The ability to pick up and account particulary in spend/recieve money by entering the account number code would be most helpful. Some people can remember number codes and it's easier than typing in the name of the account and scrolling through, particularly if there are similar account names available. Then you can also just use the TAB key to keep on entering!

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Should be able to tab through the invoices outstanding to select the ones being paid 1) having to use only the mouse is annoying 2) why isn't there a check/tick box to select the full amout of the invoices being paid rather than needing to type in the $$ value thus creating greater potential for human error

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Update by original poster to MYOB Moderator...


When discussing MYOB "Essentials" the word is "basic" not simple", in this context the two words mean very different things...



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This applies to a number of windows where you tab through buttons with the Enter key and cannot actual activate the button by clicking Enter when the required button is highlighted.
MYOB needs to take a serious look at the implementation of normal windows standards and ensure uniformity across all the windows. It is generally recognised that keyboard input is much faster than switching back and forth between mouse and keyboard.