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Please can we have the ability to customise our forms, invoices and statements etc? I want to be able to include my logo on my statements. I'd love to be able to add to my invoices a paypal (or other) web address for people wanting to pay by credit card. I'd like to be able to change the wording on emailed invoices. Arrrgh. So frustrating!

Current Status: Under consideration

Last Changed: January 2014

Thanks for the great idea. Anyone else who would like to see additional customisation, PayPal and credit card payment options added to invoices, please cast your vote on this idea.

MYOB Moderator CloverQ
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Hi @Clevelands,


Thank you for your feedback. Essentials Accounting is a simple accounting product, it began as a product designed for novice users. You would find it doesn't have as many features and customisations comparing to the desktop product AccountRight/AccountEdge.


However it is our developers ongoing goal to improve the Essentials Accounting. In 2015 our developers have introduced invoice and quote layouts and more control over the logo, we will continue to bring out improvements in the future. 


This idea posted actually contains a few different ideas, please feel free to let us know which one of them you would like to see the most, or if you have any other similar suggestions to add. 

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I would love to be able to further customise quotes & invoices & the standard email text. Would be great to be able to add logos (eg business or Facebook) in the email text. I currently find it doesn't look quite right and is also not consistent with the email signature i use for business email. Would be great to be able to make this look consistent.


Would also love to be able to add logo watermark on quotes & invoices.  I would be so happy with the overall look of quotes & invoices if this could be done. 

Maybe this could be added soon???? Thanks

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Would be great to add logos to the standard email text of quotes & invoices. Would be great to be able to add logo as a watermark to quotes & invoices & statements!!!

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on accountRight (PC) and on AccountEdge (mac), both programs I have used.


I was able to set a PDF as a backdrop. which was a letterheard and watermark I got created by a graphics designer. which looks amazing and professional.


now coming to myob essentials, and having such a restricted invoice. (even with the one logo that let you have) I believe is looks quite unprofessional, esspecially when compared to my old invoices.


To be able to customise your invoices, and aswell to add logos in your sent emails is a must

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I just took my first look at MYOB Essentials Statements and was shocked to find it had no bank account or payment information, and no way to put it there.


Also, there is tear off payment portion on the invoice, but none on the statement!!!???


Surely these are a basic requirements of any customer statement.


We can put it on our invoices, but many customers pay from the statement, and overdue customers often loose the invoices, and so the statements, being reminders to pay, are not much use if they dont provide all the payment options.


Please provide the facility to have our bank deposit information and payment options on the customers statements. The tear off portion for payments by cheque would be a nice bonus too.

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HI There


Could we please have the option to customise the statements.


The balance colum needs centering as the all you see is for example $128.0  and not $128.00 and it looks unprofessional along with not being able to have the company Logo.


Thank you

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I believe a bit more effort could be put into the customisation of what information is included on the invoice.


For example, I have standard text that I need to copy and paste into the notes section of every single one of my invoices.


I'm sure it would be very simple to add a standard notes section to the bottom of each invoice, much the same as the standard email and quote text. 



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Hi team


Many businesses are required to display their Trade member/Licence/Registration number on every invoice that they send out, but in MYOB Essentials there is not an option to record this under business details or add a text field to the invoice  template.


I have phoned and the option of entering the details under NOTES has been given, but this depends on the user remembering to do this.


For now i have entered it under Fax as the business does not have a Fax.


Can we please have an optional Registration Number field to add to invoices.


Also would like the option to display Street and Postal address or one or the other.




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Sorry, Fax number is not availabe to display on Invoices, so i have had to use the Website field.


Luckily this client does not have a website - but this would not be an option for many other businesses.

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YEs this needss to be fixed and the standard comment section that you have to have with some of the invoices is not good- Pehaps having editable "sections" that we can add data to - and also a footer upload as well would be great..