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Multiple email templates for invoices





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I would like to be able to select from a number of different pre-saved email templates when sending invoices.


I often re-send overdue invoices to customers as a reminder - it would be nice if I could select an 'overdue invoice' template for the email when doing so, rather than needing to re-enter the message text every time I do this.  The current behavior allows only one template, which I find rather restrictive.

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This would be a great addition as I currently have to edit almost every invoice I send.  I think that even the ability to have a choice of 2 or 3 email templates for invoices would be a huge advantage as there have been times where I have inadvertently sent an invoice without making changes prior to sending.  Also, I have clients that have direct debit in place for weekly payments and I always need to change the wording to reflect "Please find attached invoice/receipt" and "Payment has been received, thank you", rather than the default content of my template which contains a "due by" date.

Cheers...   Nick