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Pay Items: Include Superannuation on allowances





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To bring in an option to either choose to have super calculate on allowances or not.

Not all allowances form OTE and therefore are not required to have super paid yet Myob essentions automatically calculates it.

This is an option on Other pay categories so not sure why this cant be added as an option for allowances


"Super option to not calculate on allowances"

Experienced Partner JB1551JB
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YES YES YES YES Please Smiley Happy


MYOB Moderator CloverQ
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MYOB Moderator

Hi everyone,


Thank you all for your interest in this idea, we are pleased to let you know that we are planning to bring the ability to include/exclude Allowances from the superannuation calculation.


We'll be updating the status again when we have more details available, you can stay tuned by subscribing to this idea via the 'Subscrib' button from the top right. 

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi Everyone

Superannuation can be included on allowance earning pay items by selecting the "Pay super on this earning" on the Edit earning window.