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Pay Items: Same pay item for multiple employees





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We need to have Pay Items include either Percentages (150% etc) or Multiples (1.5x etc) rather than just fixed or hourly amounts.

We have a number of staff all on different pay rates, and that of course means I currently have 37 different pay items, when I should only have about 6 seperate ones.

I've seen a number of different community mermbers asking for this (though this I believe is the first in the "new ideas" section), and it seems to me MYOB has forgotten that the rest of the working world outside of an office has things called "penalty rates".


"Employee Pay Items as percentage or multiple"

MYOB Staff Post HaydenW
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MYOB Staff Post

Hi @aurion


Just wanted to let you know that this has now been implemented in Essentials, so you can jump in and get your rates set up now.


If you'd like to find out more, check out this post


Thanks for bearing with us while we got this built out, I totally agree that until now penalty rates, etc. have been pretty unweildly. 




MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi Everyone

As has been mentioned, with our latest MYOB Essentials release MYOB Essentials now has the ability to have a pay item based on the employee's base pay rate. 


You can find more information on MYOB Essentials Blog Article: Create one pay item for all overtime! (Or weekend rates, or leave loading)