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Pay bills: Auto-populate the contact's name when accessing from Bill





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Once you fill in the Enter Expense screen there is a short-cut at the top labelled "Enter Payment".  100% of the time that I click this link I am intending to enter a payment for this particular expense.


You should at least pre-populate the Supplier on the "Enter Supplier Payment" screen when it comes up.  It would be cool if you also pre-populate the amount fields.


Looking forward to the day this happens :-)


"Pre-populate the Supplier name when you click Enter Payment from the Enter Expense screen"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: August 2012
MYOB Moderator StevePick
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Yes you are right, that would make things much easier.


I am not sure when this will happen, but it is on our list.



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Thank you all for your interest in this idea. The Enter Payment option in Essentials Accounting has been improved to auto-fill the supplier name in the Pay Bills window.