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Pay bills: Tabbing into the Payment amount

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There needs to be a better strategy implemented in the supplier payment interface.  We can easily have over 100 transactions for a month for one supplier and the current set up is beyond a joke.  You are unable to bring a supplier up and then enter payment and use the tab function.  You have to click on each line in the payment amount heading with your mouse, enter the amount and then click on the next line. If you try to tab at the moment it goes straight to save button.  


The supplier payment interface needs full tab functionality implemented and also a tick box so that if you have 100 transactions for one supplier that you are paying at the same time you can just click on each box and ensure your total up the top is the amount that your paying and then its done.  It takes so long manually entering each amount and very easy to be out one or two cents out and then you have to spend another 10-15 minutes checking each line to ensure youve inputed the correct payment amount.


"Supplier Payment"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2014

Thanks for your feedback on this HEATHZ, we're certainly happy to look into making this screen more user friendly either by adding a tick option or making, making the tab function as you would expect or both. Other users who would like to see this added please remember to vote to show your support.

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The 'Pay Bill' screen would be more user friendly if:

- it was possible to tab through the table where the outstanding supplier invoices are listed

- supplier invoice numbers appeared in the list


Does anyone read these posts? It's my first.