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Can there be a check box added that will automatically add the fee's associated with Pay Direct Online to the invoice if i choose to pass them on. Once checked it should add a disclaimer to the invoice that a 2.2% + 0.25 cent transaction fee applies to all payments processed through this service.


Then when the customer selects view invoice they should be presented with 2 options:

firstly - print and pay (direct debit/cheque) the normal invoice amount

secondly - a pay now button that has the service charges added, which should also clearly state they are MYOB charges. The pay now button would need to automatically generate an updated or a standalone invoice for the transaction fee's

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We would also benefit majorly from this feature. MYOB, what are you doing? It's 2019 dammit

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I noticed they released a message that they have turned on accepting AMEX but still not a word on the ability to add this surcharge to the client invoice. 

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This needs to be pushed as an ability for a provider to oncharge the fees to the client. The fact that for large sums of invoices being charged at 1.8% plus a transaction fee merely eats into the profit margin for that one invoice.

Its a great function to have for online payments, however as a business we should have the say whether these charges are onforwarded or absorbed.

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SO WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO PROVIDE THIS?! Anyone from MYOB going to answer?! Original post was 2.5 YEARS AGO FFS!

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Really need this function, I always turn off this option. I dont want to pay additional fees.... Its hard enough as it is!!