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Payables and Receivables with Tax

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Could we please have reports of Payables with Tax and Receivables with Tax as per AccountRight included in Essentials?

I think that most Essentials customers report GST on a cash basis.  One of the checks I perform before submitting a BAS is to check the balances of the GST Collected and GST Paid accounts against the amounts to be reported in the BAS.  With non-cash reporting, the two should match so that's easy.  With cash reporting the difference should be the GST on outstanding payables and receivables at the end of the quarter.  Hence I would really appreciate this report being available in MYOB Essentials so that I can complete this check.

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I would also like this too! Especially when reconciling the accounting profit to the taxable profit

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We badly need this report. Most small business clients using MYOB would have financials prepared on an accruals basis and GST prepared on a cash basis. For those clients this report is essential (isn't the name of this product MYOB ESSENTIALS?) to be able to properly reconcile GST accounts in the financials and pick up if there is any unclaimed GST from previous quarters.


I note that a 'with tax report' is available for the Sales Reconciliation and Bills Reconciliation reports in MYOB Account Right and Xero. Come on MYOB, surely this report would be easy to create for MYOB Essentials!!!