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Payroll: Ability to create an ABA/electronic payment file to pay employees





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The lack of this feature lets this product down


"Exporting payments to bank . Create an .aba file"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2015

Hi Everyone

Thank you for your feedback and showing your support for this idea.

I'm pleased to announce that you can create an ABA file  for paying your employees in the recent MYOB Essentials update. Do take a look at Making tracking your invoices and paying your employees even easier for more information to this process.

Once again thank you all for your comments and voting for this idea.

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A file created by LiveAccounts to directly upload to my online banking will be very useful.  Even more so if it can include my employee payroll.

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This is a highly requested feature from clients that I talk too.

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This is a no brainer. Many other packages do this and it saves small business alot of work.  Disappointing it is not avaialble in live accounts and needs to be added.

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thank you for your suggestion jsw, adding the option to make payments electronically is something that we can consider for a future update in LiveAccounts. Other users who would like to see this, please do make sure to keep voting to show your support for the idea.
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It must be fixed as it cost money 



Partner GarryD
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The lack of this feature is casuing prospective clients to refuse to try the program.


This featur is a must for any modern accounting program no matter what the platform.



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It would be great to see this feature added really soon.


There are a lot of companies who have casual employees so their wages are different every single pay run.  Having to prepare a manual payment through the bank each pay gets timeconsuming.


All my clients who use the payroll feature will use the ABA file functionality when its brought in.

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This has been a basic function in any half decent accounting software for the last 15 years. Not having it renders the whole concept of online accounting useless.


Live accounts (Essentials) is promoted as a "Better way of paying people". Without .ABA upload there is a massive opportunity for errors to occur with manual entry, not to mention the time of flicking between browser screens to pay employees and suppliers.

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As far as I can see there currently isn't any way to create an ABA file within myob essentials. I think this is very important to have especially since there is no limit to the amount of employees you can have with this program. I want to make bulk wage payments to my staff.
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This is essential to prevent data transfer errors.

As a new user, I was very surprised to not heven have the tabs for employee bank information.