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Payroll: Annual leave accruals




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I have a few suggestions for the payroll section of MYOB Live some of which I think are being addressed in the March upgrade.


No provision for public holidays, leave loading and annual leave accruals.


No provision for staff reimbursement through payroll.


Apart from these issues it's great!





Current Status: Done
Last Changed: October 2012

AU & NZ Accruals for leave have been deployed. Leave loading is still on our radar. Thanks Richard Puffe MYOB Product Manager

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Hopefully it cannot be too difficult to add penalty loadings to payroll. We only employ casual staff, who often work from a weekday through to Saturdays (x 1.5), Sundays (x 2) and public holidays (x 2.5), as well as 6pm to 6am (+15%). While LiveAccounts is ideal for our business in almost every aspect, its inability to handle penalty rates is frustrating that requires a workaround in Excel and endless explanations to bemused employees. Other than that, MYOB should be applauded for an outstanding solution to small business accounting.

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MYOB Moderator

Hi folks,


Thanks for your feedback.


We are aiming to implement annual leave accruals along with varying penalty rates before July this year. 


I will find out what is happening with reimbursements.



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Hi Steve,


Is there any news on employee expense reimbursements in LiveAccounts?


I am new to the software and cannot find anything on it.





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Having the ability to record times worked in a simple calender would be great


I have only 2 employees so keeping paper time sheets is a hassle

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AU & NZ Accruals for leave have been deployed. Leave loading is still on our radar. Thanks Richard Puffe MYOB Product Manager
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I would like to see the ability to add a multiplier or % rate for penalty rates, rather than to manually calculate the rate per hour.  Also as it only allows for two decimal points, there is a need to round the rate, which means that the correct wage will not be paid in circumstances.  I would like to see this expanded to 4 or 5 decimal places.  I know it is minor but it is important that the correct payments are made.

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How can i calculate leave loading until the function is added to Live Accounts?