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Payroll: Round net pay down to x cents (Cash payroll payments)

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HI,  I know I am in the minority but the majority of my staff are paid cash.  However I am not able to round their wages in payroll.  So I either have to fiddle around or round their hourly rate up to the nearest 10c.  Would be great if payroll set up allowed for rounding.


"payroll rounding"

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Hi Sue


Payroll does allow for rounding!


Click on Set up at the top of your MYOB

At the bottom you will see General Payroll click on that

In the third field you will see it says round nett pay to a mulitple and you can put in the amount that you want to round up to.





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Unless I am going crazy Essentials has no rounding options for payroll. Account right does allow rounding.