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Payroll & templates in New Essentials

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Hi we have just had the 1st of 4 files migrated to the new version of Essentials.  We have been eagerly awaiting all the new featuresthat would make life easier but we are disappointed to see some of the good points about the old version have gone.


The notes section of the employee file has a reduced character limit so much so that the notes on one employee file that were imported from the old version have had to be cut & pasted to a word document as they were too large for the field & tech support are unable to tell me how charaters can go in the field


The payslip (& whole payroll process) was much simpler in the old version.  We would like to be able to edit the payslip template or if you could just make it look like the old version including logo that would be fantastic


We would like to be able to add our logo to the remittance advice as well


If we can edit the invoice template why cant we edit the payslip & remittance templates?


It is great that we can now have TOIL & LSL accruals & recurring journals but I wish you could have kept the good features from the old version that have been removed. 


We would love the simplicity of the old version with the added features of the new

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Yes, new the Pay Slip template is shoddy to say the least, we must be able to customise this as soon as possible as it is embarrassing sending this onto our clients employees especially as the old template was simple, clear and consice.

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I agree, the new payslips are awful - so difficult to read and they look very basic. The old ones were fine! I don't know why they have changed so many things for the worse..


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Can you please tell me if you are in New Zealand and using MYOB Essentials with Payroll. If so have you been upgraded as support cant seem to tell me when NZ will be upgraded to the new essentials with payroll and only without payroll has been upgraded and i have a client that needs upgrading urgently to use an API.