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Payslips: Move Job Title field

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Steve seeing that you are the User Experience Designer


To save the environment, labels and their cost, we switched to windowed envelopes. 

The current layout for the payslip prints out the employees Job Title which I'm not sure is neccasary in the address field then you split the State and the Postcode over two lines which makes it hard to line up in the envelope window. It leaves no margin for error in the folding. 

I propose for the Job Title be moved to underneath the "Paid On:" line or allow the option for it to be omitted in the employee's record?


In addition to the above, could we please, please, please move the State and Postcode to be printed on the same line as the Suburb? 

The current layout would then be a lot more friendlier for use with window faced envelopes. 


"Payslips - alteration"

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No? Not even a "Go away" response?