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I would like to have the function on my myob LiveAccounts to enable me to create a Remittance Advice to send to my suppliers to advise of a payment made. 


Currently when I print an expense (that has already been entered with a payment) to a supplier it produces a 'Purchase Order' document showing the expense, and the payment made.  However it would be more suitable for the document to be a 'Remittance Advice' and also have details on the document showing the bank information of the supplier in which the payment has been made to.




Current Status: Open
Last Changed: October 2013

Thank you for your suggestion. We would be happy to consider this as a feature to be added in a future release of LiveAccounts. It would be great to get an idea of the demand for this by the rest of the community, so if you would like to see this added please remember to vote and comment.

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How is this feature still not available?

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Printed or emailed remittance slips would be great in Essentials

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I agree, Remittance advice is fundamental to any business - this forum has the same request dated 2013!!

What is the progress on this? It’s sub-standard software without it - a source of some embarrassment for us.

Yet this software is 4 x the cost of others where these standard features are included.  Please respond.