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Quotes: Add Save and Copy (as with invoices)

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Ideally we could use recurring quote templates, but alternately it would be great to be able to take an existing quote and just save a copy and change the details. Cheers. 

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: December 2018

Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials has the option Duplicate on quotes (as well as invoices). Selecting this option will duplicate the current transaction, saving it and allowing for a copy of that quote to be created for changes to be made/saving for a new quote.

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Currently you can save & copy and invoice – could save & copy be added to the quote form as well?


In invoicing as well as a purchase order could a field for reference please be added and could both these fields be added to the Sales history screen?


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I would like a "Save and copy" buttom on quotes so i can make new quote with the same information and retain the origional. currently i keep writing over my old quotes which can prove trouble some.

Just the same as invoicing.

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I would like the same change i constantly have to make new quotes with all the same information

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Just new to Essentials and want to copy quotes. Can't believe the function isn't there already as with invoices. Is this function being added and if not is their a workaround?



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I strongly agree! Seems like such a simple concept when invoices already has this function. 




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yes we needed this today. i had to sit and copy and paste two quotes. so time consuming. defiantely need the ability to save and copy quotes...Smiley Frustrated

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We really need to get MYOB to listen to this... any ideas on how to escalate this topic?  I would think it was an easy update/implementation for them as they have the feature for Invoices already to 'Save and Copy'.

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We really need the feature to be able to Save an Copy Quotes PLEASE!


It's the same feature as in Invoices, so shouldn't be difficult to implement.  It's such a time-saver to be able to regenerate a similar quote...


A step further would be being able to create a quote, from a similar invoice even (not all invoices are generated from quotes)... Ie a new customer wants a quote on the same items as an existing customers order (which didn't start with a quote)...


PLEASE let's get some momentum behind this. However, to get a higher response to grab MYOB's attention - please vote on this forum:

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Hi @TamFowler


Thank for your feedback in regards to this idea and showing your support for voting for this idea.

At this stage we are unable to directly advise a time frame for when this idea will be marked for development and implemented into the software. However we are encouraging members of the MYOB Community that would like to see this particular idea included to vote and comment if required for this idea. 

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We have just come over the MYOB after using another business software package for many years, which was required by our accountant .

I am in agreement with all on this thread 

We do repetitive  quotes with almost the same wording , we did have the capacity to copy quotes with our old software

I think it is essential to either have this capacity or a "template' on MYOB