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I think you should have quotes available on mobile devices. I am an electrician and often do quotes at home then once on site and finishing the job you cant see what you have quoted a customer and cant charge accordingly. It's embarrassing to have to ask customers to look at your quote on their computer!

Also it would be good to send a quote then and there after seeing the job while its fresh in your memory.

MYOB Product Manager Chris-T
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Hi, we are currently developing the ability to manage quotes within the MYOB Invoices mobile app and expect to release this functionality in two parts over the coming weeks. Quotes (part 1) will see a nice, big quotes option on your app dashboard. Head inside to see a list of all your quotes, and tap any quote to see its details. Quotes (part 2) will feature creating and updating quotes straight from the app.

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Hi There, Do we have an approxiamate date for implementing the 'Quote' option in AccountRight? It would assist my sales team considerably. Thanks Tony

MYOB Product Manager Chris-T
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You can now create and edit quotes in MYOB Invoices - and it’s all synced with your MYOB software, saving you time when you’re back at the office. Currently only available to MYOB Essentials businesses; but sit tight, because AccountRight is coming soon. 


You can now:

- Add multiple line items to quotes
- Edit and delete quote line items


This isn’t the end of our quotes journey, so stay tuned.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone 


The MYOB Invoices mobile app now allows for the user to create and edit quotes created via the app. For more information go check out Help Article: Using the MYOB Invoices mobile app