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Recurring bills & 'spend money' transactions

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I've been using the Essentials system for a number of years now and we periodically are asked what enhancements would improve our efficiency. Every time I've requested the ability to set recurring bills and 'spend money' transactions. I see that we have been given recurring sales invoices as an option and can't for the life of me believe that is more requested then recurring bills! Ironically, MYOB sends an electronic bill every month yet I have to input it every month instead of just adding the invoice number to a recurring bill set to generate on the 2nd of every month. I don't understand why a pared back system doesn't have a simplified option for recurring bills, recurring transfers between accounts, etc.

One of my other hobby horses with Essentials is not being able to batch update items that are purchased from the same supplier. Even just a simple addition to add the supplier name to a item for anyone to order.

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There is a find transactions button in MYOB Account Right you can search for an account, card etc. and transactions will come up, you just specify the dates etc. This is very useful for finding transactions. I am new to MYOB Essentials. Can you do this in MYOB Essentials or not? Also as mentioned by other users recurring entries is extremely useful and I think recurring entries should be available in MYOB Essentials to save time. Thanks.

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myob asks us to use bank feeds to improve productivity. I had to abandon this process in AccountRight as the system would not regularly recognise transactions and it meant having to continually adjust entries. 

I made a big improvement by setting up recurring GJ transactions, which could then be edited against the bank statement, e.g. bank interest, every month but a slightly different amount. Several recurring transactions could be entered quickly in one GJ a month in this fashion.

It's very disappointing to lose this function by transferring to Essentials.