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I find it really hard to distinguish between quotes for the same customer, Xero has a reference column it would be really useful if myob could put one in too, it's so difficult for me to find the right quote I wind up opening a huge string of them and digging through til I find the right one to invoice.  I am contemplating a move to xero over this issue but if I get some assurance that myob will look into it I'll stay, I like the system and for such a minor change it will make a huge difference for me.

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Hello @lpgh2o


Thank you for this great idea to have a reference column to separate the quotes from each other. We cannot advise when the change will take place. Developers prioritise changes and fixes based on a number of factors, such as the impact of the issue, the number of people affected, and the time it would take to resolve the issue at hand.


However in saying this if there are other users out there that would like to see this change in future upgrades please comment and vote on this thread 


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I'd like to see this feature as well