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Report: Audit Trail / Session Report / Track changes by users

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I would like to see a Session Report and Audit Trail style reports available in LiveAccounts.  


The Session Report will allow us bookkeepers / accountants to print off the list of adjustments we did and forward to the client so they can learn the best coding practices.  


The Audit Trail report would show which user has done what when - so we can see if/when a transaction has been adjusted and why.  This allows the owners to keep track of what their employees have done as well as which transactions have been editied by their bookkeeper or accountant.

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: March 2014

Thanks for the idea interAccounts. I definitely agree having a session report and audit trail in LiveAccounts could be a helpful feature, especially when trying to track down exactly what has happened. If others would also like to see these reports added, please show your support with further votes, and comment on anything specific you may need on the reports.

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Definitely need a session report added to MYOB Essentials otherewise cannot educate clients and show what adjustments you have made

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I too would like to see a Session Report and Audit Trail style reports available in LiveAccounts.  Has there been any further progress on this feature ?

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That feature was first suggest five years ago, in 2014. Any chance of it ever happening?!

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I am surprised this is even debatable,  an audit trail is vitally important when needing  to track adjustmenst made etc.