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Report: General Ledger Summary

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Can you generate a General Ledger Summary Report that has an opening balance, a closing balance and net activity (movement column) for Accountants?

Current Status: New
Last Changed: September 2013

Thank you for your suggestion and the great feedback it has already received. Anyone that hasn't already voted and commented and wants to see this please do remember to do so to show your support.

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Please include the GL Summary report in the essentials reports.

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Hi @jenniek


Thanks for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials and the General Ledger Report.

I have merged your idea with this one already included on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange.

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Hi Developers

Please, please, please can the General Ledger Summary report be added to the Essentials list of reports (regardless of the number of votes!!!)

From an Accountants point of view (& I am an accountant) it is creating A LOT of extra work for us and for our clients!!! Surely it can't be too hard to add in when AccountRight already has these reports! Regardless of whether a client uses Essentials or AccountRight the Accountant preparaing year end financials/reports still needs the exact same reports!! 

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Hi All,


This seems to me to be more of a Trial Balance report.


Balance at start of period,   Plus movements for the period,  Closing balance this period.


You can nearly do this with the Trial Balance report now,  but only for one month at a time, and compares it to last year rather than the current period.


You also cannot export it to Excel which would make the report actually useful.



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Would help busy accountants at tax time !

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A general ledger summary report is paramount for accountants and should be included asap within essentials. It's very difficult to code a general ledger detail report that is hundreds of pages long.


We usually code the GL summary (coding anything we are unsure of to suspense), then print out detailed reports for those particular accounts in suspense to allocate them appropriately.

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The General Ledger Summary report summarises information requirements all on one page.  We can't see a reason why this report is excluded from the MYOB Essentials package. Its been a long time since this report has been requested and we would really like to see this being actioned by MYOB.  Its interesting to note that other software packages have this type of report available together with the General Leger Detail report. 

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Can the General Ledger Summary report in AccountRight please be replicated in the Essentials reports.


The General Ledger Summary Report has an opening balance, a closing balance and net activity (movement column) for a selectable date range which is espeically useful for Accountants?


Essentials has the General Ledger Details Report already but is not summarised and can be very long if it was to be printed for the accountants use, a summaried report hat could be exported to PDF and/or Excel would be ideal.

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Can we do a GL report, a trial balance with last year comparatives, so we can track the movement.

so in excel would be appreciated.