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Report: General ledger [Detail] - remove opening balance from debit and credit totals





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The way that I use the General Ledger Detail Report suggests a possible error in Essentials. I need to produce a report on a monthly basis of income & expense accounts. I need to know the total of debit & credit transactions within that month for each account. Currently, Essentials is producing the report but includes in the total the amount of the opening balance plus what has been transacted within the month of enquiry. It does this for debit, credit & balance columns. Now it is perfectly acceptable that it do this for the balance column but not for the debit & credit columns. So I have to sit there, strike through the opening balance at the top of the debit & credit column, deduct that value, re-calculate the debit & credit column totals & record the new total so that I can arrive at the total of what was transacted only in that month. This does not make for a very professional submission to your client & their Accountant. The desktop versions of MYOB (ie: AccountRight Plus, Premier) do not do this when producing a GL Detail report. With them, you can immediately ascertain the total of debit & credit transactions for the month. If this is an error in Essentials, can you fix it please as it does not appear to be very smart accounting principles to include the opening balance total in the total for debit & credit columns.


"General ledger detail opening balance not included."

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In the General Ledger Detail report, can the 'Opening Balance' figure be removed from the Debit and Credit columns, and only included in the Balance column?


As the report currently stands, it is impossible to see the movement in an account for the period at a quick glance; the total in the Debit/Credit column indicates the total balance of the account (which is what the Balance column is for).