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Report: General ledger details - include descriptions





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Currently the General Ledger Report only shows descriptions for the Bank Accounts and has a blank spot on all other General Ledger Accounts. We need to be able to at least see a description on the General Ledger Report for ALL General Ledger Accounts otherwise we have to manually drill down into every transaction to ensure it has been coded to the correct General Ledger.


This is a must for Accountants from an EOY perspective.


Even better, it would be great if you could customise the General Ledger Report to add various fields such as Payees etc.


Please can we get this basic information included ASAP!!!





Current Status: Done
Last Changed: August 2012
Ultimate Partner David_Cree
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Hello kmh,


What version are you referring to - v19.x or v2011/2012?


Are you meaning the Memo field is the one with no detail in it? When I look at the Clearwater sample file I can see the memo line on all transactions. You can also select the Allocation Memo field in the reports which may have additional details.


If it is not the Memo Lines what is it that you are after?












MYOB Moderator StevePick
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MYOB Moderator StevePick
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I am referring to MYOB Live Accounts

Contributing Cover User Silverfin
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When is this going to be added into essentials.  Without it, reconsiliations are harder than they need to be.

Partner Fiona_Mac
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Why hasnt this been added yet? It is a pretty basic requirement that makes a huge difference to the end user.

MYOB Moderator CloverQ
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Hi Everyone,


Now the General Ledger Details report displays a Description for all transactions, if applicable. If there is a Notes field in the transaction, the Notes will be displayed as the Description, otherwise, the applicable customer/supplier/employee name, or bank transaction description will be used instead.


Thank you very much for all your interest in this idea. 



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Hi there, 


I have read through this post...this is the exact issue I am having with clients. 


When running a GL detail report and using Bills as the data entry option, the descriptions included in the report just defaults to the name of the supplier. 


This is very limiting. GL's are used to check what has been entered into an account, for example if a transaction is split and description entered that description should be included in the report. 


What happens currently is, the name of the supplier is reported as a part of the GL detail report if there are 10 lines of detail in one invoice I see 10 lots of supplier name, rather than the 10 different detailed descriptions coming through. 


Could this be actioned sooner rather than later, as GL's are very useful and clicking into every single transaction to get the detail of each line item is timeconsuming and frustrating. 





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I am having the same issue.

Is there a way of printing the GL with the memo instead of the bank feed notes?





Partner Tonia_LB
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Although this shows the Notes in the General Ledger Detail report, if the amount is made up of a split transaction, you want to be able to see the individual description relating to that portion of the transaction.