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Report: On banking transactions by contacts





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I have come from using a different version of MYOB where you could view transactions by supplier or customer no matter which way you entered them in.  I was really shocked to find out that you can't do this with Live Accounts.


As I enter the majority of my sales in via "Banking, receive money" I cannot use the "Sales By Customer" Report as this will only bring up transactions that you have entered via "Invoices, Create Invoice".  It would be so beneficial to be able to be able to use this report for the sales that you have entered in via "Banking, Receive Money" as well.  


Also the same for when you enter expenses via "Banking, spend money".  You cannot use the "Expenses By Supplier" Report as it only brings up transactions that you have entered via "Expenses, Enter expense".


When you have alot of expenses and sales to enter in, it is too time consuming to enter them all in via the methods above that will allow you to run a report on them.

"Generate report for Customer sales & Purchases"

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Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials allows for the user to the run the Banking Transactions report which can be filtered by contact. This report can be run by Reports>>All reports>>Banking reports>>Banking transactions.