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Reports: Ability to drill down into transactions

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Hi Guys,


I have been using and setting up clients on Liveaccounts since it was introduced, with mostly good results.

My frustration comes however in the searching functionality of the product.

The inability to drill down into a transaction from a report (such as a General Ledger Detailed Report), so an account, amount or tax code etc can be changed (as you can in 'normal' MYOB), would be top of the list of product enhancements for me.


"Drill Downs in Reports"


Former Staff Richard_Puffe
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Hi Rob,


We’ve had a few users ask for this feature, so we have added this to our roadmap. At this stage, I don’t have a timeline, but improving the reports, drill down, graphs etc is something I hope to be included in LiveAccounts sooner rather than later.


Thx for the enhancement request.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone

MYOB Essentials allows for the user to drill down into a transaction for certain reports by selecting the Reference Number of that particular report. For example: