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Sales: Credit Card payment options on invoice

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Hello Smiley Happy


Could we please get the option to put credit card payment details on sales invoices.


Thank you

Debra Anderson

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There is no room on the invoices for payment by credit card? For exmaple now ANZ have merchant services in an IPhone app.


Also there is no room to put logo's for professional membership's. As the  email invoices section doesn't use your outlook or other email package the signature doesn't appear and this is where a lot of our membership etc information is kept




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It would be great if we could also add to this payment option what our charges for payment by credit card will be ie %

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I would further go into different methods of paying by credit card where the merchant would select which they'd like to utilise, for example:

  • Return payment slip with required details and also indicating what cards are accepted and if any surcharges apply..
  • Pay securely online at a given website address.
  • Pay over the phone by calling a given phone number.
MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi Everyone 

Thank you for your comments and voting for this idea,

With the release of PayDirect Online it allows customers to pay straight from their online invoice using Visa or MasterCard.

To find out more information in regards to PayDirect with MYOB Essentials please see Get paid faster with PayDirect Online