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Sales: Inset lines on quotes or invoices




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To have the ability to insert additional lines bewtween existing items on invoices & quotes instead of only adding lines at the bottom.




"Ability to insert lines on quotes & invoices"

Current Status: Done
Last Changed: February 2015

Hi everyone, I'm glad to update that the request to be able to insert lines (and rearrange them) in an Invoice has been included in our most recent MYOB Essentials update. Find out more about this on the Essentials Blog - Adding to and rearranging contents of your invoices. Thank you everyone for your votes and comments.

MYOB Moderator Liam_M
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Thank you for raising this great idea. Anyone else who would like to see this please cast your vote here.
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Yes  we done this all the on premier.

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We need a handle icon next to each line item, so we can drag and drop the items to rearrange, as you can in Saasu.

Contributing Cover User SonicSecurity
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Once again, as an ex Freshbooks user, I was able to move any row around to suit my invoice. 

Now with the save and copy invoice function it has made it easier to copy an invoice rather than retype it all again. 

However, If there are any changes that need to be made I am unable to move the rows around to where I would like them. 

The reason for this request is, my clients will give me a list of staff that have worked and I need to invoice for. If there is one change in teh middle of the invoice, I'd like to be able to move it where I would like it to appear.

It was a brilliant feature that I dearly miss having the use of.


Contributing Cover User SonicSecurity
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Similar idea. Either one would work as long as we have ONE of the options. 

Contributing Cover User SonicSecurity
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May I ask, how many votes does it take to have an idea implemented?

Former Staff JasonHill
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Hi @SonicSecurity 


There is no set number of votes required. The Idea Exchange is just one of the mechanisms that our development team use to help prioritise their work of continual improvements to the software. But obviously a suggestion with a high number of votes is going to be something that our team considers very carefully given there is significant demand for the feature from our clients.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Contributing User myecs
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Pretty standard requirement for accounting software I think. Please add ASAP.


Danny Young

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I would like to be able to insert a line in an invoice. I sometimes miss a line and need to insert a line but it appears you can only add the lines at the bottom of the invoice. 

Experienced User JillS
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This is indeed a popular suggestion, it has been made since Live/Essentials started.


Is it that hard to implement?