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Can we please have a function to find transactions in live accounts (similar to the desktop versions please)




"Find Transactions - Live Accounts"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: April 2017

Thank you all for your interest in this idea. 


Currently there are ways to search in Essentials Accounting, having a dedicated search function such as Find Transactions in AccountRight is not something that we are actively looking into, but maybe something further down the track. 

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Thanks for the great idea. Anyone else who would like to see this, please cast your vote on this idea.
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LiveAccounts has no transactions enquiry screen - unlike AccountRight, where this feature is often used.

I have to run  a GL Detail report, even if only for one account..


Kym Yeoward CPA


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Hi guys please get behind this!!


Expanded info = Being able to add a Find Transactions searchable function like the desktop Account Right versions would save a lot of time & save errors. I understand we can search via reports but it is quite 'clunky' as you have to know exactly how the entry was made.


Currently if you enter in spend money it is proving quite difficult to find said item quickly. The desktop version shows all transactions of the supplier/card/account of your choosing, regardless of how they were processed. 


It would be much appreciated thank you!!

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How many votes does it take to have an idea implemented?


17 votes for this feature and yet no feedback on implementation!!


Any idea what the term "Customer Service" means?


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As mentioned on your other post, there is no set number of votes required. The Idea Exchange is just one of the mechanisms that our development team use to help prioritise their work of continual improvements to the software. But obviously a suggestion with a high number of votes is going to be something that our team considers very carefully given there is significant demand for the feature from our clients.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Is this function available as provided in other MYOB products?  If not will it be incorporated?

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On all previous versions of MYOB BB and Edge I have been able to view all transaction to a Card or a Contact however on Essentials this isn't possible.


Can this be added in the next update? As it is a very useful tool.


Kind Regards,



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Hi @MarkV 


Are you aware that there are two reports;


Sales Reports » Sales by Customer


Bills reports » Bills by Supplier


Do these give you the information that you're looking for?





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This is not an IDEA......this is a basic function that existed in all MYOB products but disappeared in the so called "upgrade".

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Hi @Neil-FCAB,


Thank you for your feedback. 


MYOB Essentials Accounting (formerly LiveAccounts) is a pure web browser based product, capable of offering the simply and basic accounting functions. Currently it does have a simple search function to search transactions based on date, reference number, amount, description etc, but not as comprehensive as Find Transactions in AccountRight. 


While we do recommend upgrading to AccountRight for more customisations and comprehensive features, we can see having a more enhanced searching function in Essentials can be beneficial and would love to hear your feedback. I noticed you haven't voted for this idea, I would encourage you to show your support by click on '+Vote' next to the topic header to cast your vote.