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Search: invoice description in Invoices window





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New Zealand

I, and others would find it helpful, if we were able to search for an invoice by entering a name or keyword, we expect would be in it.


Example, we do a lot of shipping service work for a fishing company.  The invoices all go to the company, but they have many ships we service.  I cannot see a way, that we could search that companies, hundreds of a single ship name or keyword.  For later refernce of what work we have performed in the past.  Can this functionality be implemented?


"Searching invoice details by a keyword"

Experienced User JillS
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Hi Julie


we have the same problem with property management companies trying to identify which property an invoice was for, and the only work around i have come up with is to include an identifier in the contact name.  So for each property I invoice it like Professionals for 123 Smith St, Professionals for 567 High St etc.  To do this you have to enter the address twice in the contact form (under both primary contact and postal address) to have the identifier searchable in the contacts dropdown box and the main invoices screen.


Drives me crazy, I have repeatedly mentioned this to MYOB, but no joy in 18 months.  Good luck!



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I am testing Essentials and cannot believe there is no way to enter a few words of description for my invoices!  I am not convinced this is an efficient solution for my business.

Experienced Cover User aplus
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Hi, we use notes fields on bills and invoices to enter various details about our suppliers and customers. We often need to find a document that has this or that details, and we cannot because the notes are not searchable. Would that be possible to make these fields searchable? It would be really useful. Thank you

MYOB Moderator KattC
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MYOB Moderator

Thank you for your suggestion, we encourage all users that would like this field searchable when reporting to comment and select the Vote+ button.

Experienced Cover User aplus
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Please make notes fields searchable. Please vote for this suggestion. Am I the only one who needs it? We enter car details into the notes field and often need to find invoices related to this or that particular car. With bills, we have a clearing house entered as a supplier, because we pay through the clearing house and add the name of the actual supplier in the notes. It is currently impossible to group such bills by the actual supplier, which would be extremely useful. Thanks.

Experienced User John_P
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Is there any chance that MYOB will introduce a stronger "Keyword" search capability in Account Right & Essentials?


Seems like clients will need to be able to search & find older Invoices & Client details based on Keywords rather than just phone numbers, Invoice ID's etc.


Is this something that can be developed?



MYOB Moderator CloverQ
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @John_P,


Thank you for your suggestion, I've passed your idea to our developers for consideration. While it may not be adding a keyword exactly, it is certainly something our developers are happy to look into in the future. 


Please feel free to post again at any time if you have more queries. 

MYOB Moderator CloverQ
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MYOB Moderator

Thank you for your suggestion and comments. 


Improving the search ability in Essentials Accounting is certainly something our developers would like to do in the future. We welcome any interested users to cast your vote for this idea, or post any further suggestions in the comment section, it would greatly help our developers to prioritise their work. 

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I have many invoices all going to the same client name - all good. However, if I need to be able to search for any particulars within any one invoices, I can't unless there is a reference line or additional field that is fully indexed and associated to the invoices and fully searchable. This field could be optional to the user.


I can't use the Purchase Order field, as was suggested by my accountant because:



 a) that's already filled with a Purchase Order number already provided to me to use, and 

 b) it is nowhere near long enough for a reasonable description length  


For example, if I have say 60 or more invoices all going to the same client, but need to find the exact invoice that was for the work "power supply replacement" how to do I find it without trawling through all the invoices individually? (especially difficult if the date is vague)


An extra searchable field associated to invoices would be great and would allow me to input a brief description that would enable me to quickly search and find what I need.


Any thoughts?


Thanks guys

Paul C







MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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MYOB Moderator

Hi @PaulChamberlain


Thank you for your feedback in regards to MYOB Essentials.

I've combined your idea with this one already included on the MYOB Essentials Idea Exchange.