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Search: invoice description in Invoices window




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I, and others would find it helpful, if we were able to search for an invoice by entering a name or keyword, we expect would be in it.


Example, we do a lot of shipping service work for a fishing company.  The invoices all go to the company, but they have many ships we service.  I cannot see a way, that we could search that companies, hundreds of a single ship name or keyword.  For later refernce of what work we have performed in the past.  Can this functionality be implemented?


"Searching invoice details by a keyword"

Current Status: Open
Last Changed: November 2015

Thank you for your suggestion and comments. 


Improving the search ability in Essentials Accounting is certainly something our developers would like to do in the future. We welcome any interested users to cast your vote for this idea, or post any further suggestions in the comment section, it would greatly help our developers to prioritise their work. 

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I too would get great prodcutivity advantages from searching a key word in the whole invoice list to bring up invoices which include that keyword.


90% of my invoices generated are to one comapany for commissions. Each invoice is for a different company I have sold to. So being able to search for a specific company within the whole invoice range will quickly highlight whether an invoice has already been invoiced etc. 


As discribed in the above requests also PaulChamberlain explains it well.


Thank you for the consideration,





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Most of our invoices are based on the customers purchase order number and they all have multiple invoices at any one time.


Is there a way to search customer purchase order numbers with out going into the invoice?


Can you add  a tab to the main invoices page to show the customer purchaase order infomation?



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Hi All


I am a new user to MYOB essentials , our accountant needs this format 

We were only using MYOB for a "bank link" , and were using our old software for quoting & invoicing 


We decided to use MYOB for quoting & invoicing , but the fact that we cannot search all the text of a quote causes us a big problem


In the course of our business , we may quote the same job for several builders, when we do this , we may need access to the other quote for reference (it saves us taking off the quantities again )


I see there has been suggestions to solve this problem since 2014 , Is any resolution in sight ?




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I invoice commisions for sales which relate to a multitude of different companies/customers. These invoices are made out to one company (the product in which I sell lets call it company A). I itemize the sales in which they relate to in order for company A to reference and pay. When reconciling what I have an haven't invoiced for I can only search the invoice names (i.e company A) of which 900 invoices come up for that company A. Through trial and error is the only way to find if an invoice has been raised or not for the sales I make. Can you please provide a keyword search for the content of invoices? Please.... Did I mention.. Please!!

Otherwise fantastic product. Thank you in Advance!

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I can't believe that we are now 2018 and this STILL has not been implemented into essentials.


Come on MYOB. please get onto this and give us a better search option, atleast search the notes field as someone advised years ago in this thread.... 

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yes we would find this helpful too.. i waste ALOT of time searching for items in invoices to clients (ie a switch or a service that we will invoice for again). it is a time consuming excerise i have to do ALOT...would also be good if there was a next and previous button on the invoices so i dont have to go back to the main page each time. 

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I also have this problem when trying to reference order numbers and reference names once I have to change them to POs and invoice numbers. There is no room to add them along side the invoice numbers and I cannot search within an invoice.  I am stoked to see that its under consideration but wondering how long before we get an outcome please?

Trusted Cover User LCrowhurst
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yes we would find this helpful and I have been asking for this for awhile now. i often have to search invoices for a invoice or keyword (ie in our case a piece of hardware or service we have billed for and may bill the same again. but atm i have to go through every invoice which is tiresome and time consumingSmiley Frustrated  would also be good if there was back and forward arrows so we can select next or previous invoice.