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Setup: Ability for ADVISORS to invite users

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Hello, as a bookkeeping business we are often requested by our clients accountants to give them access to the files.  At the moment only the Administrator can give access...given that we are advisors it would be more than handy to be able to do this as by the time I talk or email my client on how to do this (all unbillable unfortunately) I could have done it myself in a split second.


Please, please, please


Thank you Smiley Happy

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thank you for the idea Debra, any other users that would like to have Advisers invite users please vote and comment to show your support.
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I agree that this is good idea

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I come up against this all of the time.  I understand that if the business owner is paying for the software, they may not want the advisor to invite whoevery they like.  But maybe an option can be provided where they can decide if the advisor can invite others.  Maybe it could be the advisor does the invitation but the owner has to confirm.


I have had one practice completly throw LiveAccounts out over this.  They were used to other software where they are paying for it and as such have the ability to invite users themselves.


Quite often for LiveAccounts the advisor is very active in setting up the software for the user.


I understand the reasoning but it would be awesome if a solution can be delivered for this.

MYOB Moderator CloverQ
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Thank you all for your interest in this idea, the ability for advisors to invite users has been implemented in Essentials Accounting. Currently, if you need to hand over the Essentials business to client, please be sure to complete the hand over first, before inviting more users.