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Setup: Ability to take backup of data

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Having either (or both) offline and backup functionality added to LiveAccounts would be great points of difference for a web-browser based accounting package.


MYOB prides itself with the AccountRight Live software being the only cloud accounting package which can be used offline should the MYOB server go down or the internet connection lost.  This needs to be applied to LiveAccounts.


A lot of people won't use online only software because


The LiveAccounts servers have gone down on multiple occasions stopping us from accessing our financial data and we have no idea how long the outage lasts until the solution/(s) have been found.  


If a offline or backup functionality was added to LiveAccounts then we'd still be able to access our accounts when we need to.  Being locked out of your accounting file for hours is not acceptable. 


"Backup functionality required for LiveAccounts so we can still access accounts when server crashes"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: March 2014

Thanks for the idea InterAccounts. I could certainly understand not being able to access your accounts when needed would be a bad experience. We would love to hear what others think about this.

MYOB Moderator Barry_C
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MYOB Moderator
Thanks for the idea InterAccounts. I could certainly understand not being able to access your accounts when needed would be a bad experience. We would love to hear what others think about this.
Experienced Cover User SSchultz
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I think being able to backup to a portable device shoud be a mandtory option. How much evidance is there that the Cloud is completely secure?? I was not aware that you could not backup with MYOB Essentials Live so now I am considering other options. Luckily I am still in a trial period. If we can have a backup option I would be happy to stay with MYOB.

Former Staff JasonHill
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Hi again @SSchultz 


Thanks for your feedback. Please be assured that we do offer the highest levels of data security possible, but we do understand some clients would like the added comfort of being able to make their own personal backups. Our product development team is considering this functionality in future.


All the best,

Jason Hill
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Yes. I changed to this so I can issue invoices straight away as I'm quite a busy person. If the cloud is down or no internet available I can't invoice. If there was an iPad app you could use to create customers and sales and then when Internet is restored you sync it would be good.. Is this the same idea or different?

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We rely 100% on MYOB to provide us with access to our accounting data, and when they were offline for a few hours today, it made us realise how vulnerable we are.


I think there should be a way to export the data to excel.  That way we could make a backup every week, and refer to that if necessary.


Contributing User MichaelGli
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Backup is also about going back to an earlier version, to escape some problem.

For example:

  • Your bookkeeper suffered a scecret mental health breakdown and over three months turned your data into mush. Yeah.
  • Or an ex employee had/got access codes and caused malicious damage.
  • Or you misunderstood some accounting principle and made a whole pile of wrong changes that cannot be reversed.
  • Or the file got corrupted.

Over the years I've had three of those 4.

MYOB Moderator Steven_M
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Hi @MichaelGli

Thank for your for comments and feedback in regards to backing up data in MYOB Essentials.

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Community Manager Suja_P
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Hi everyone, Thanks for taking the time to tell us about what you’d like to see from MYOB Essentials. 


As it’s web-based, MYOB Essentials isn’t currently designed to work offline, and this is unlikely to change in the near future. That said, we base many of our decisions on feedback, so thanks for letting us know that this feature would be helpful for you.


In the meantime, if offline access and backups are important to you, then MYOB AccountRight might be a better choice for your business.

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We need to have a backup of our data files that we can control. What if the servers go down?

Can the export data funtion be used to create a backup?

Partner AndersonCA
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We have many clients that have MYOB Essentials but are concerned that they cannot back up the file.


Would be a great option to have and especially if the client cancels subscription as they can no longer access their data.