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Setup: BAS Preparation

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Hi there


At the moment MyobLive doesn't seem to have much automated functionalityfor BAS. 


Given that the system already calcuates the BAS it seems really odd that the user has to manually create a spend journal or a reversal to allocate GST Paid, Collected, PAYG instalment etc, and also fill in the ATO forms.  Surely this could all be automated, afterall it's the most confusing thing for small business and the one where MYOB already does much of the heavy lifting (in my case, the main reason for using the package in the first place).




"BAS Preparation"

Experienced Cover User Fizzkid
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WHy is it not possible to generate a report to submit directly to the ATO for Monthly PAYG notification?


E-record could do it, surely the format is not top secret?!

Experienced Partner MOBS
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Just wondering why LiveAccounts does not have a BASLink? Surely this would be a top priority before releasing this product? Is it on the agenda?  If yes, when?  If no, why not?

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Yes please this is the 1 thing absolutly essential for any small business.

Please can we have an expected date for this feature its a deal breaker, I am considering going back to the desk top version because of this.

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Would be useful


MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thank you for your suggestion, deepfried, we're happy to look into the options for adding this. It would be great to see some feedback form the rest of the community to see if they would like to see this feature added as well.
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This is a no brainer. Taking information from one system, to write on a form, which will be data entered to another defies all to B2B logic. This functionality is avaialble in most packages and needs to be added to Live accounts.

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Totally agree. This is a greatly needed feature.


Please add my vote to the list.

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My suggestions is that LiveAccounts "GST report for activity statement" include the PAYGW figures on the report and not just the GST disclosures.


This would be really hand rather than having to run two reports to get the figures.


Thanks for considering my suggestion.

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thanks for your feedback on this. Making a single report that shows you the commonly needed BAS information, including your PAYG details is certainly something that we would be happy to look into. Those who would also like to see this added please make sure that you vote on this suggestion.
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I agree - this needs to be implemented so we can prepare the BAS a lot quicker.  It will also ensure the PAYG Instalment identified by the ATO is included as well.