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Setup: Paypal Feeds

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Any chance of having Paypal feeds as well as the bank feeds 




"Paypal Feeds"

Current Status: Maybe later
Last Changed: June 2016

Hi everyone,


For some time now we have worked with the team at PayPal to provide a transaction feed. Whilst both parties still hope to do so in the future, at this stage we cannot reach a satisfactory commercial arrangement.


We will provide an update on this forum, when the status changes.



Suja Pillai

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MYOB Australia Pty Ltd

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I read the Paypal post here a long time ago and was really hoping that this would have been progressed by now, and am honestly surprised that more people aren't clamouring for this feature. This is the staple diet of small online store owners and eBay'ers -- exactly the kind of people who would use LiveAccounts.


So, the issue is that LiveAccounts is not integrated with Paypal at all. You can do manual exports from Paypal and import into LA, but fees are not taken into account and there's no easy way of fixing this without editing QIF files.


Is this on the development roadmap? Can we get an update or some kind of response on this?


And from anyone else in the same position - what are you doing? Help a brother out!



Lee, Brisbane.



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Hi Lee


I totally agree. I use PayPal for the majority of my transactions and it would be really great if LiveAccounts could come up with a solution! I will add my support here and ask what is going on as well. An update or a commitment of some kind to help out PayPal users in a more comprehensive way would be great Smiley Happy





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Getting PayPal live accounts is not outside the realms of achievement as they have an SDK to access transactions. Infact, you (the developer) need only use the API calls for reference only and implement this routine using standard webrequest calls. As pointed out in another thread, this is already implemented by Xero. I can additionally add that there are other programs on the market that achieve the same e.g PayPal API OFX writer. This though requires a PayPal Business or Premier account (to get the premier account, you only need to confirm address and link to your banking / become verified).

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Much needed feature!

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MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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Thank you for your suggestion, adding more options and flexibility in Bank Feeds is something that we're always looking into, to see the demand for this it would be great to see the community voting on this idea to show their support.
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In the interim, you can use PayPal API OFX writer which connects directly to PayPal to download (and archive)PayPal transactions. (also included in iCreateOFX Basic).

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I would like to add my vote to this feature.


A large part of my business is online and being able to automatically bring in paypal transactions would greatly improve my workflow.

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Ditto - I use my paypal account far more often than my bank account. I'm trialling Saasu and MYOB online, woudl prefer MYOB because I've used it in the past.

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Hi, I would like to know if MYOB is looking to implement Bank Feeds from PayPal?
This is a critical component for a Charity I run and is currently causing a massive burden on our Treasurer.


I understand that there is a workaround is to manually import statements into LiveAccounts, this can be done by downloading statements in QIF format. But for some reason - here in NZ this method does not work.
As PayPal does not allow NZ users to download QIF files. So no help there.


I plead with MYOB to implement this feature into MYOB Essentials, as our only other alternative is to drop MYOB and move to XERO as they offer this as a standard feature.