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Setup: Reverse a transaction, not delete





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HI Team!


Can we please have a function to reverse an entry along with the usual delete option? Reversal is often a safer option to keep track of what has been happening to the particular item



"reversing a transaction - Live Accounts Essentials"

Experienced Cover User HEATHZ
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Experienced Cover User

Ooohhhhh yes I agree too. I often wonder what will happen if we get audited and we have missing invoices or supplier invoices where duplicate entries have been entered and then other invoices afterwards so the only option is to delete it out of the system.

Experienced Cover User HEATHZ
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Experienced Cover User

a void button would be awesome

MYOB Moderator Matthew_W
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MYOB Moderator
Thank you again for your continued feedback and suggestions. This sounds like a great feature that could be added in at a future date. Remember to vote to show your support for this being added in.
Ultimate Partner BooksInTheCloud
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Users must have the ablilty to reverse transactions.  If you delete a transaction in a previous BAS period this is very dangerous and MYOB essentials will be used by a lot of users who will be new bookkeeping and starting out business.  These users will not fully understand the implications of deleting the entires.


In the can lock the period under business details. 

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I would like to see an option for reversing journals.

I would also like to be able to enter journals with a default for GST of Exempt.



Partner Gab-G1
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I need to reverse a pay. I can't delete it because it's a different period and the incorrect amount has already been lodged to the ATO> This has to be reversed. How can I this?